Training Academy Courses

Do you want to experience the superior educational benefits of Ungerboeck training in a hands-on, interactive setting? Check out the Ungerboeck Training Academy!

Registration is required prior to the start of the conference to attend these courses.

Please find course descriptions for the Training Academy below. Space for the Training Academy is limited to keep the hands on, small classroom feel. Registration is being offered on a first come basis. Register today for the conference and Training Academy to secure your spot! You may also register at a later stage for the Training Academy using this link.


Creating Powerful Reports with Merge Documents and EZWriter (SOLD OUT)

SESSION SOLD OUT (Please consider the waiting list if you wish to attend the session)

The most powerful part of your Ungerboeck system is the data contained within.  Understanding how to find, link, use and report on that data expands the universe of possibilities to apply Ungerboeck within your organization.  In this course you will work with an Ungerboeck team member to learn how to use the Ungerboeck Data Model to locate data and how to link that data to create powerful queries.  Those queries will then be applied to merging and EZWriter capabilities to put reporting power in to your hands.  Attend this course if you are interested in learning how you can fulfill your organization's need to generate customized data output options for your unique business interests.

Crystal Reports & Ungerboeck: How to Become a Master (SOLD OUT)

SESSION SOLD OUT (Please consider the waiting list if you wish to attend the session)

In this hands-on session, learn how to use intermediate features of Crystal Reports. Learn how to display related data from other screens in Ungerboeck, dynamically control the sorting and grouping of data, and use formulas to format and display data. Explore how to use SQL expressions to pull specific data for a report and custom formats for formatting data and subreports for presenting data.  Attendees need to have a working knowledge of Crystal Reports and the Ungerboeck database, as these topics are not covered in this class. Knowledge required includes (but not limited to) Crystal Reports database connectivity, selecting and joining tables, manipulating report sections, using parameters and the Crystal Formula Editor as well as familiarity with the main Ungerboeck tables (Accounts, Events, Orders, etc.).

Foundations of v20

New to v20?  Planning to upgrade in the next 12 months?  This is the course for you!  Familiarize yourself in a hands-on environment with navigating v20 and learning the basics of the software. You will learn to create views and favorites, export data, create accounts and contacts, add activities and notes, send emails, use peeks and tooltips and use documents and document management.  After this course, you will be prepared to jump into v20 and get working right away!

Streamlining Venue Operations

Increase efficiency and improve your organization’s processes with this hands-on course designed for Operations Teams.  Implement event checklists and utilize event cutoffs to make your event preparation process seamless.  Learn how to best utilize the work order items screen to ensure efficiency in logistics.  Make the ordering process easier by configuring the available price lists for an event. Learn how to quickly add service orders to multiple events or accounts and how to add items to multiple service orders at one time.  Discover how to integrate Inventory and Purchasing into your operations process so you don’t miss a beat.  Don’t miss out on this comprehensive course that will show you how to configure and implement features that are critical to the Operations Team.

v20 Administration

Put Ungerboeck Administration features into practice in this hands-on session with an Ungerboeck expert. Learn the best practices to create roles and users, how to assign access privileges and configure access management.  Explore creating themes, layouts, workflow buttons, system views and favorites. Learn everything to get your organization rolling on v20.

Turning Your Venue Dashboard into a Powerful Information Center

In this course, join an Ungerboeck Dashboard expert to learn how to take your dashboards to the next level.  Discover how to create dashboards that are important to your organization and industry.  Building upon the basic dashboard functionality already available, you will explore the use of summary fields and the various charting capabilities to take your Dashboard from an information display to a powerful information center that provides the data that drives your organization. 


*Session Titles and descriptions are subject to change at any time.