Client Care Corner

New this year: The Client Care Corner

White glove service for everyone: Make sure you come to the Client Care Corner to enjoy the Premium Support experience and discuss your individual topics with us.

  1. Simply schedule your 30 minutes Premium Support Experience with us and bring your list of top tickets for review. We will give you a status, follow-up or escalate where necessary. If you do not have a list with you, simply ask for your support tickets review.

  2. Experience a review of your environment (if technically available) for performance troubleshooting and tweaking

  3. Discuss tips and tricks for performance tuning whether your software is on premise or in the USI managed environment

  4. Discuss and propose enhancements to the client support, i.e. new monthly support ticket report format

  5. Plan your next technical upgrade if you are in the USI managed environment

  6. Get one free extended upgrade assistance for the first 5 clients requesting

  7. Discover the Knowledge Base and learn more about our community forums. See how other users can help you solve your issues or how you can help them and raise your profile in return!