Session Descriptions

Look for these sessions at the 2017 Ungerboeck EMEA Conference! To view the full agenda, please click here.

Innovation & Thought Leadership

Opening Keynote by Manish Chandak, CEO at Ungerboeck

The Event Industry In Transformation: Thought Leadership Session by Kai Hattendorf, CEO at UFI - Gone are the days when trade shows were almost entirely about trade. Today, more than ever before, international exhibitions are the focal points for the industries they serve – fixed dates in the diaries of the top management for product launches, brand presentations, and also peer exchange. Throughout globalisation and digitisation, successful exhibition organisers have managed to evolve their events constantly – basically reinventing them over time again and again. This session will look at some of the current trends for the exhibitions and events industry – and how they are being addressed around the world.

Evolving Business Models: Thought Leadership Session by Martin Sirk, CEO at ICCA - In this workshop, Martin Sirk will provide a historical overview on how the events business has evolved over the years. He will explain how the way of thinking has moved from tourism, logistics and traditional marketing towards a mindset of intellectual capital, economic development and bidding skills. Technology partners like Ungerboeck can play a key role in facilitating this kind of innovation, as long as they stay ahead of the curve in thinking about meetings market evolution. The workshop allows for discussion in small groups and will focus on how destinations and venues can become more competitive and how CRM and IT systems can play an innovative role here.

Digitize your venue - Digital and technical services for your venue: Learn how digitization can help you transform your relationship with your clients, enriching their experience as well as your revenue opportunities. In this session we will review a few examples of digital projects Ungerboeck has recently delivered or engineered, including the web customer portal, modern localization services or Pinterest event calendars.

The Exhibitor Service Center - Raising The Bar On Exhibitor Sales & Service: The experience you and your exhibitors have with your exhibition starts well before anyone ever steps foot on the show floor. Learn how to boost your online booth service sales while increasing exhibitor satisfaction with our innovative tool that was built for exhibitors to order booth services online. The powerful online service center helps you to optimize the exhibitor experience across the entire exhibitor journey. Also available in French and German

A New Dimension of Exhibitions - The Exhibitor Portal & Exhibition Floor Plan: Learn about the new Exhibition Floor Plan and all related features and recommended processes. Discover the new Exhibitor Portal and see how you can maximize your exhibitors' journey and experience, ultimately helping you to increase your revenue. You will be amazed!

Exchange, Experience Sharing & Networking

Meet your industry peers and exchange with Ungerboeck users. Learn from others, share best practices and discuss individual topics with Ungerboeck product managers and consultants. 

Networking opportunities:

  • Networking Happy Hour
  • Lunch
  • Dinner event
  • ...and more!

Customer Presentations:

The Ungerboeck Journey at RAI Amsterdam - Karin van der Horst, RAI Amsterdam. The business relationship between RAI Amsterdam and Ungerboeck has a long standing history. Since its initial implementation in 1999 the use of Ungerboeck has undergone a transformation and evolved from “just” using the booking calendar to exploiting its full capacity including full financials. Today RAI is one of the first customers in the EMEA region who is in the alpha program working in close collaboration with Ungerboeck on the development of new products such as the Exhibitor Service Center. This session will give an insight on how the different teams at RAI use Ungerboeck and how they successfully optimized their processes and tasks. In a subsequent best practice discussion delegates will be able to share and exchange ideas with representatives from RAI Amsterdam.

The Keys of Success... - Nicole Seguier Tosello & Isabelle Muller, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. The palais des Festivals et des congrès has been nominated and will welcome you to award his special "Palms Prize" through the S-USI odyssey - a 2-year-long "adventure" featuring the teams of the first national convention center after Paris. With around 300 operation days per year in MICE, more than 50 business events and 80 shows dates, the fact of adopting the version 20 is a pledge of our professionalism. Please discover now how our 60 key users have integrated the software just like actors and film directors!

Advancing v20 Usage at the Bank for International Settlements - Elise Bohnert, Bank for International Settlements. The focus of the session will be on how v20 has been adopted to provide an internal user interface to those who require room and services booking on a less frequent basis, replacing iEBMS.

QNCC: Beyond Convention - Shoaib Khot, Qatar National Convention Centre. Opened in December 2011, the QNCC offers an unparalleled convention facility, boasting iconic design and cutting-edge facilities in a green technology venue and built to the gold certification standard of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED). Understand how this multi-award winning venue uses Ungerboeck Software for their businesses not limited to events, from QNCC’s representative to the Conference and how their experience of the software has been thus far.

Using innovation to get the most out of Ungerboeck - Lydia Sandercock and Daniel Johnston, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This workshop is a first for Ungerboeck EMEA conference. Discover the effectiveness of 'Design Thinking' to discover, define, develop and deliver ideas. During this interactive workshop, you will learn how to get the most out of Ungerboeck using an innovative method to capture your business's ideas. This session is capped at 20 people.

Collaboration & Product Design

Gather with your colleagues to discuss the best practices used by your organization as well as the industry trends affecting your business. Moderated by an Ungerboeck Software representative, come prepared to ask questions of your colleagues and provide insight to others based on your organization’s experience.

We will offer Collaboration sessions for:

  • Conference Organizers
  • Venues & CVBs
  • Exhibition Organizers
  • Facility Maintenance

Education & Training

API 2016: What Is It & What's New?: Learn what an API is and what the Ungerboeck API can do for your organization. Review real life examples and learn what’s new the 20.9 release. Enhance your experience with tips and tricks for the ones already using it.

v20 Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices: Learn about under-utilized, game-changing features that will help you save time and deliver an enhanced experience to your users. Discover powerful hacks to generate better reports and share important information. Also available in French and German

How to plan your successful upgrade: From Decision Making To Change Management: In this session you will learn all best practices around upgrading to a latest version. The quality assurance process will be presented in details to you, strategies on getting internal user buy in and managing the change will be reviewed with you.

CRM For Venues - Proven Strategies To Maximize Your Sales Success: Learn how to take full advantage of Ungerboeck's CRM features to maximize your sales. From sales activates logging through efficient opportunity management to advanced CRM reporting, learn all the best practices successful venues use in Ungerboeck. 

CRM Best Practices For Successful Exhibitions Organizers: Learn how to take full advantage of Ungerboeck's CRM features to maximize your sales. From online inquiries through sales qualification and forecast reporting, learn all the best practices successful exhibition organizers use in Ungerboeck.

Best Practices for Venues: Learn about practical techniques and state of the art features usage gained from senior consulting and client experience to improve your organization business processes. Also available in French

The new Dashboard and Reporting for Venues & Organizers: In this session you will discover the new dashboard reporting functionalities of 20.9, how to configure them and take advantage of them. We continue on reviewing the power of onscreen reporting and the advance of custom fields. In the end we will cover each market segment most meaningful existing reports and frequently used dashboard types. Also available in French and German

The Delegate Journey – How to Create An Incredible Attendee Experience With The Right Event Technology: From mobile conference schedules to registration check-in and digital signage, technology offers endless ways to redefine the conference experience. Learn how to wow your attendees and create a unique event experience by choosing the right event technology.

Registration revamped! Create an innovative attendee experience: This session is all about Conference Organizers. Benefit from the numerous improvements and innovations in the system to wow your attendees, from multi-event registration to registrant approvals all the way to function check-in. Additional enhanced capabilities for on-site registration and check-in will help you provide a better experience for your attendees.

Discover the new face of Speaker & Abstract Management in Ungerboeck: For the first time we will show the new Speaker & Abstracts to the public, including the new and improved public-facing workflows as well as the public-facing interface. More than 156 enhancements have been added so you can expect the best Speaker & Abstracts in Ungerboeck history!

*Session titles, descriptions, dates and times are subject to change at any time.