2017 Keynote

The 2017 Ungerboeck EMEA Conference Keynote

manish chandak opening keynoteThe opening keynote for the 2017 Ungerboeck EMEA Conference will feature Ungerboeck's new President & CEO, Manish Chandak.

Manish will be discussing the innovations and progress Ungerboeck intends to bring to the events industry now and into the future.

In his opening keynote, Manish Chandak will be discussing new trends in both the technology and the events industries, and what they mean for Ungerboeck users moving forward. He will also be unveiling and presenting the latest improvements in the companies core products (v20.9 - which will be released at the conference); as well as demonstrating and announcing some of the innovative new products that the company has been quietly working on for the past 12 months.

Manish will walk users through the software road map and provide context for how Ungerboeck intends to keep customers connected and ahead of current trends now and into the future. It will be a historic keynote for Ungerboeck users in the EMEA region!

All Ungerboeck users are invited to attend. Manish is also publically encouraging all executive customers to attend this year as well. Many of the messages and innovations that will be discussed in the opening day will directly relate to the business strategy of all Ungerboeck customers. Those interested can register here.